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  • The font used in Everywhere Babies is a combination of Bernhard Modern and Cochin.

  • The font used in No Matter What is also Bernhard Modern, neat. The cover title is done in Artcraft.

  • All of the That's Not My... books use Tempus Sans.
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  • The font used for the idle game AdVenture Capitalists is Hudson.

  • The font used in the Pool of Radiance (1988) manual is ITC Zapf Chancery.

  • The font used in the body text of most (all?) Choose Your Own Adventure books is ITC Souvenir Light.
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Aww, isn't this a pretty little font.

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Aww, isn't this a pretty little font.
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* I've been posting again.

* Rose sent me a link to this good post about making incremental budgetary changes.

* I can't get VBScript to automatically install specific updates for me, and it's bugging me.  I finally find there's totally a way to automatically install certain updates (Windows Defender updates, to be precise), and then I'm codeblocked.  Feh.

* I may be visiting Boston in July.  Josh and I will be in New York the end of March.  This line has a lot of Capitalised Words.

* [livejournal.com profile] deyo sent me this link: WhatTheFont For iPhone IDs Fonts From Text in Snapped Photos

HOLY CRAP.  *in hearts*
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Apparently, you can search for similar fonts at Identifont.  Frex, fonts similar to Trebuchet.

Naturally, I made a script for it.

And now, squee.

- Linotype Titus!  That 'f', that 'y', that gorgeous 't'!

- ITC Usherwood - the serifs are so dashing.

- ITC Novarese!  Oh, the tapered lines are a delight.
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In case you were wondering, the font for the iPhone's Notes is Marker Felt Thin.
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Today's lovely new font:


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