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One worry I had about having a baby: I worried that I wouldn't love my Sophie (userpic) as much. Turns out:

a: I was wrong. I have a great capacity for love, I just use it sparingly, and I confused that with scarcity.

b: Good lord I'm a dork.
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Regardez-vous, Sophie's favourite position:


She loves putting her head in my hand and her feet on my arm. She is very startled when people touch her back, so when I give her pattins, I try to show her first that my hand is there. She's a doofus and a cutie-pie.
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There are few joys that compare to a stray kitty, that being Sophie, who has warmed up to me enough to demand attention, and who gets all calm and purry when she's got her head in my hand. It's only somewhat offset by the handful of drool I got from that.
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If I were in a fantasy novel, the pangs I got last night would be indicative of my eventual conversion to an alternate universe. No sleep paralysis, but a whole lot of that clanging on a tin sheet feeling.

Woke up with a band of searing pain around my forehead, from temple to temple over my eyebrows. I took Advil, had coffee and food, and made some caffeinated tea for travel, since today was Sophie's first vet visit. Rose QA'd it a bit, and figured I had a migraine, given the nausea and sensitivity to light. Fun times!

Sophie's first vet visit went well. She's negative for FIV and FeLV and positive for a mild case of fleas. She has a hernia? First time I've ever heard of that in a cat. The vet can't tell whether she'd been speutered, so she recommended that we wait until Sophie goes into heat.

The way the polydactyly manifests in Sophie is, from what I vaguely recall, that she has an extra "finger" between "thumb" and the rest of the fingers. The claws have a wicked chance of curling in on themselves and suffering, and so I asked whether it would be useful to declaw just those two fingers (one on each forepaw).

I am the world's loudest anti-declawing person. I do not hold with declawing at all, for normal cats. However, polydactyl cats are special-needs cats in that regard. I once lived with a cat who was a polydactyl, and whose claws would grow in on themselves, get infected, and fall off like little horrid buttons. Truly needful declawing is its own thing, and this would only be the problematic ones.

In the interim, I'll be doing biweekly checks of her forepaws to see how the claws are doing. I don't want to do any declawing at all if alls it takes is vigilance.

Afterwards, [personal profile] rosefox kindly went out and bought me ginger ale and chips, and I consumed them, and then I slept for five entire hours. (From around 15 to 20.) Waking up was... problematic. It felt like I had been drugged. I'll sometimes joke about not getting up because it's so comfy &c &c, but getting up today took intense willpower to achieve.

I'm still tired, so I'm going to sleep. I'm annoyed that I missed an entire day of this four-day vacation. Tomorrow had better be better, goddammit.
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Female, tabby, polydactyl, seems in the young-cat range, drools when happy, fucking louder than most fire alarms. I swear, she doesn't breathe sometimes for the meowing. (I got two hours of sleep because of this, so I'm a bit grumpy.) She's quarantined in my room for now, obviously.

She doesn't seem aggressive or fearful when Sam caterwauls outside the door, which is a good sign. She learned how to jump up to and down from my loft bed. (I have bookshelves and bins and boxes and things to create "stairs" for the cats. I am a cat person, could you tell?) This is the only way I got any additional sleep last night.

I am reserving judgment for now because I don't want to get attached and then find that she can't stay with us for some reason. But, so far she's sweet, personable, and loud, so we'll see.

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