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In the recent LJ news post, a couple of folk asked how crossposting to FB would deal with images.  Specifically, you can set a thumbnail for your post, but is it hotlinked?  Can you use the poster's pics for the thumbnail?  Beuller?


So, I tested.  Largely because I could.

NOTE: This post will be updated as I figure out or am told new things.

* If you are making a public[1] post, you can crosspost to FB and choose no image, the userpic you're using, or any image you've put in the post.

* If you're commenting on a public[1] post with an image in it, you can crosspost to FB and choose no image, the userpic you're using, or any image you've put in your comment.  You cannot use any image related to the poster as a thumbnail.

* Any pic that is either used as a thumbnail or just put in the body of the comment or post is linked[1] thumbnailed in FB as:


If someone happens to know whether that means FB has saved the image locally or what, that'd be fantacular.

*[1] If you are commenting on a flocked post (general or custom), the Repost To section is still there, but the options are disabled.  It is, however, trivial to use a GM script to un-disable the checkbox.  With that undisabled, commenting on the post acts the same as on a public post.

*[1] A commenter can never select, from the "Choose a pic" link, a picture from the post/poster to use as a thumbnail.  However, as noted, they can use any picture in their comment.  This means I can use a GM script to undisable the checkbox, copy the URL of the image you posted into my comment, then use it as a thumbnail.

*[2] If I enable Cyrillic with the FB-enabled account, all public and flocked posts act like public posts -- it functions the same as though I'd written the GM script, I can repost images as noted above.

[1] [eta 13:58] Added the public v. flocked distinctions, and some notes on how GM can be used maliciously.

[2] [eta 14:04] Added a note on Cyrillic services, per [personal profile] moem.

Date: 2010-09-24 20:16 (UTC)From: [personal profile] moem
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Thank you for trying that out!

Just so this is absolutely clear:
if the image that's in the entry you're commenting on, is quoted in your comment, a thumbnail version of this image then gets posted on FB?

... that's pretty nasty :-/
The URL even contains the original URL, for the full size image. So it's easy to get to that, if the thumbnail is too small to see.

It sounds to me like they are not saving the image locally, but I may be in the wrong there.

Date: 2010-09-24 21:13 (UTC)From: [personal profile] moem
moem: A computer drawing that looks like me. (Default)
Heh. You know what? You're funny.

*shakes hand*
Nice to meet you. And, again, thank you. We need to know what we're dealing with... or what we stop dealing with, as the case may be.

Date: 2010-09-25 14:22 (UTC)From: [personal profile] florentinescot
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I wandered over from the news post, but I wanted to let you know that the fbcdn.net link just shows me a blank page. Thanks for testing this out.

BTW, I ♥ the way you've changed your links names. I don't knit, but I are a fiber geek!
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