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For my reference later.

* Start Automator.
* Choose "Application".
* For the action, use Run Shell Script.
* Enter the command as you would run it in Terminal.
* Save as [Whatever].app, usually in the Applications folder.

Note: Apps that are run like this don't pick up changes in your .bash_profile. What I did for my Java program was copy out the export line from my .bash_profile and paste it as the first line in the Automator thing.
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What would the iCar be like?

Oh man, the comments.

"It would run at 120mph and get 300mpg, but would only allow you to drive on 3% of the roads, many of which aren't connected."

"It'll never crash."
  "Or so Apple claims, which is why it doesn't include seatbelts or airbags."

"Warning: Do not take the iCar on a safari, it may crash repeatedly."

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