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Is there a printing service in Portland airport?

If not, why the fuck not??

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I made a new Greasemonkey script, specifically for Oregonians, those within range of Trimet transit.  Trimet Bus Arrival Time In Title: Gets the next arrival time of your bus and puts it in the browser title.

I routinely have a zillion tabs open, so it's useful to me, and 7 (as of right now) other people.

If a transit system elsewhere has a trackerthing like this, lemme know and I'll scriptify it.
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Today's thing I like: increasing efficiency.  I've never had to add an event to the work Google calendar before today, and there were issues with I didn't have access, so I got access, and set it so's I can update it from Thunderbird.

I also have it so that any LJ-posting tool I have has the capacity to force double-spaces.  Deepest Sender does it automatically, I have Semagic do a pre-post find/replace, and I made a GM script to add an nbsp button when I post via the web client.



Today's way in which Boston and Portland are different:

So there's a long stretch of two-laned road, then a crosswalk, then a light.  (The crosswalk is about 30 yards before the light.  Yay shopping strips.)  I try to time my crossing to when the light is red, so people aren't annoyed by stopping.

So a car stops in the lane closest to me, and there are two cars in the other lane that haven't yet stopped.  I try to time it such that the car in back can see me, and let the first car go.  And yet, the car in front actually stops.  I am confused.


Today's bout of LJness: Livejournal has laid off a bunch of their employees.  I'm not concerned.  However, some backup tools (which may be slow to access, for the obvious reason):

* LJ's own export tool - web-based: "This feature lets you download your entire journal to a custom format for backup purposes."
- Catches all metadata, including that a custom group was used (but not which one).

* LJ Migrate (also) - uses Python: "I've written a command-line tool for migrating journal entries from any LJ-style server to any other LJ-style server."
- Comments won't be synced, and entries won't be backdated, apparently - I'm hesitant to try it.

* ljArchive - .exe: "ljArchive is a tool for downloading, browsing, and analyzing journal entries and comments from LiveJournal (or LiveJournal clones)."
- Saves tags, mood, location, and music.  Custom friends groups are, again, not preserved.  Make sure you go to Tools > Options and deselect "Sync on startup", espesh if you're on a slow machine or network.  I don't know how to get comments, it won't do it for me for some reason.  ??

...wait.  I'm an idiot.  I check the comments box on first creation, adurr.

* LJ Book - web-based: "Enables Live Journal blogs to be exported to PDF format."

* LJ Sec - .exe: apparently allows you to export from LJ to any other site that uses LJ's architecture.
- Doesn't preserve comments or metadata, oddly.

* LJ Backer Upper - uses Perl: "It will store every post you've ever made in a .txt file in the current directory."
- Gets metadata, and that you used a custom group.  Doesn't get comments.  Names the .txt files by subject, or by 'no-subject-#' if no subject, but at least the files are backdated correctly.

* LJ Backup - .exe: "The LiveJournal Backup/Search Utility is a tool which has been written to allow users of LiveJournal to download their journals for backup purposes."

* ljdump - uses Python: "This program reads the journal entries from a livejournal (or compatible) blog site and archives them in a subdirectory named after the journal name. Both the journal entries and journal comments are downloaded."

(If you're mad, you can install LJ locally, for your backups.)

Please note: I have no dog in this hunt.  It's up to you to worry about security of these tools.

[eta] Now in pretty table format.


I will not be doing the whole "I'm leaving!" thing because unless someone can guarantee me that (a) my entire social network will move to a new site and (b) this new site will be LJ-architecture-based, there is no point to going on about it.  Every single time there's been a kerfluffle at LJ, there's "I'm leaving!" noise, and... nothing.  Honestly, I'm more likely to see people moving to Blogger or Wordpress and then RSSing their entries through LJ than anything else.
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Me being me, naturally I spaced on writing anything yesterday. *amused*

Yesterday, I was grateful for my therapist. Yesterday was my last session with him, by my request – I've been doing fine, plus we could both use the money (I was paying less because I'm broke more, so). He is absolutely the wonderful, and I would clone him if I could.

- I've added a plug-in that allows you, the reader, to subscribe to comments. I approve.

- I need to kick the font sizing around a bit. I don't like that it's teeny. I also want that "font size smaller/larger" thing, yes I do. (Why? Because.)

.pdf Ballot Return Statistics for 2008 General Election – Daily


*hits "refresh" a lot*

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2008-10-22 09:06
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I mentioned that I wanted a factcheck.org for non-national voting things – nothing against national voting things, just there's already factcheck.org, you know – and a friend pointed me to SmartVoter.org:

Smart Voter (http://www.smartvoter.org) is produced by the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, to:

  • Provide voters with comprehensive nonpartisan information about the contests on their ballot in an easy-to-use presentation.
  • Provide a means for candidates to publish information about themselves and their candidacy directly to voters.

The only downside is, it's only for a handful of states, and Oregon isn't one of them.  I plugged in my address and ZIP code anyhow, figuring they'd've made provisions for out-of-bounders like myself.

And, yep, they suggested I go to Vote411.org: "Launched by the League of Women Voters Education Fund (LWVEF) in October of 2006, VOTE411.org is a "one-stop-shop" for election related information."


For Oregon specifically, also, see here.

[eta] Amusingly enough, Willamette Week has a better voter's guide than any other I've seen, in the sense that it actually has all of the items in one place.

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A friend elsewhere engaged in a sort of project or pledge or what-have-you – to post daily something that you're grateful for.  I keep contemplating it, because my default setting is "too stuck in my head".  I think it'd be good for me, as it were, to remind myself of the world around me.

Today, I am grateful that I get to vote.  My ballot came in the mail today, which pleases me.  I wish there existed a factcheck.org for non-national politics (non-national because factcheck.org covers the Presidential part), but that's why wiki sites exist, I suppose – so I can create wikis.


I won't say who I voted for in the primaries, but I will say I voted Democrat for both the Congressional and the Senatorial elections.  (FF's spellcheck says that latter is a word…?  Okay.) That's Jeff Merkley for US Senator, and Earl Blumenauer for Congress.

Tomorrow I'll be researching what all of the other positions are, whether there's a reason not to vote for the only person listed in a section (such as Martha L Walters, Judge of the Supreme Court, Position 7), and the various and sundry measures.  I'll also be buying a stamp off one of my roommates.  I may even figure out what the terms are for the House of Reps (these are congressfolk, yes? Stupid Civics class never tells me anything).  That's the danger of contextual definitions – I can't always tell if I'm using the right word.

I will not, not, be making a wiki or site or something to compare local candidates.  Dammit.

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Dear omg you guys:

We're going to have six kittens-and-cats here.  Do you know of anyone in the Portland Oregon area who'd like a kitten-or-cat?  Please to be letting me know!

Pictures once they get here!

(Long story, and I have to clean.)
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So [livejournal.com profile] rosefox and I were on the bus going home last night, and there were a group of three people on the bus with us, and one kept staring at us.  Because we were -- get this -- holding hands.  It's not unlike the reaction we'd get if we had unintentionally killed her dog two years ago.

[livejournal.com profile] rosefox said, and I agreed, that if they were getting off at our stop (they got off earlier, thank heavens), we'd get off one later, just in case.  I mean, there was no sense of impending violence, not that I could get, but let us not tempt fate.

X: I mean, what does she expect?  She's in Portland!  It'd be like going to New York and being upset by all the cabs there!
R: *cracks up*
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Oh man, it is thundering and raining out, and yet the sky is large enough to contain both a wonderful thunderstorm and a gorgeous sunset.

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As it turns out, I actually don't like New York that much.  I tested yesterday to see if I was letting past experiences or expectations get in my way, and nope.  There is constant noise (in the "signal to noise" sense), the flow of people is like trying to swim in a river, and the greenery feels grudging, honestly.  (Depending - I mean, the lilac tree-bush-thing next door feels more like it's going to leap down and consume a passer-by some day, but that's both different and awesome.)  I could barely keep my head together long enough to think.  There was too much, too much, all the time.

(For those keeping track, yesterday I was in upper Manhattan, Chinatown, and Little Italy.  I think.  So you have a frame of reference here.)

I way prefer Portland.  There's greenery everywhere, of both stripes.  (My god people throw out plastic things.  I died.  I am a revenant, posting to LJ.)  There's real air.  You can move quickly, but the vibe I get is more "Question why you'd want to do so" than "Getouttamyway!!".  (Once I walked like I did in Boston, against the light and as fast as possible, due to kitty need.  I felt really out of place doing so.)  There are bicyclists everywhere, that's so fantastic.  And there are actual shops.  Not wall-to-wall storefronts or apartment-fronts.  :(

I may get recommendations to go to this place because there's greenery, or go to that place because there are locally owned shops where they all recycle.  My point is, I even like Portland's downtown area.  I even like the financial district, insofar as there is one.  (It's kind of cute, honestly.)  In NYC, I'd have to go to places to get tastes of what I like.  That would be missing the point.

I am apparently more a suburbanite than an urbanite, as -ites go.  I'm glad New York exists, I guess, because that way people who like it here have a place to be, but I am way pleased there's a Portland I can go to.
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I'm unemployed.

I can go to the coast whenever I want.

I knew that!
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A brief note – if you're poly or bi or otherwise not-normal-by-societal-standards, and you need services that're provided by Planned Parenthood, I recommend the one at SE 50th and Franklin.  I went in for STI testing, since I'm dating someone new and I hadn't done it in a while.

  • Their intake form has things like "What pronoun do you prefer?" and "What is your biological (at birth) sex?", which is amazing.  There may be better ways to phrase those that I'm not aware of, but they're a far cry from "Mr. or one of the three different titles for women" / "Male/Female", respectively.
  • There's a sign on the wall next to the check-in desk that has "If you need an interpreter, please point to your language and one will be provided" in… 20? or thereabouts languages.  And it's not just for show: a family came in and requested Spanish, and the check-in person switched to fairly decent Spanish.
  • The doctor was considerate – she helped me feel as comfortable as could be expected, she could tell when I was getting tense and checked to see whether I was okay ("I just get jumpy, it's a known issue"), and we had a nicely distracting conversation about the fact that they had a poster of the beach on the ceiling.
  • …they had a poster of the beach on the ceiling.  I am still cracking up about that.
  • No one batted an eyelash about my being poly or bi.  The lab person had to ask a new set of questions (aside from the intake form), since I was getting an HIV test done.  (Negative, by the way – woo!)T: How long have you been with your current partner?
    X: … Partners.  About 4 years each.
    T: *writes "4 years each" on the form*
    X: Heh.  I was worried it'd be weird…
    T: *laughs*  Nah, we've pretty much seen it all.
    X: Yeah, Portland, right?

    In fact, one question was whether I had a support structure, I suppose in case the result was positive.  I said ayuh, heh, the folk I'm dating.  She said that's definitely a huge benefit to dating multiple people.


Overall, a very pleasant visit to the local PP.  I approve, and am recommending them to (local) others.

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An appeals court has ruled that a gay couple's marriage in Canada should be recognized in New York.

"The state Legislature "may decide to prohibit the recognition of same-sex marriages solemnized abroad," the ruling said. "Until it does so, however, such marriages are entitled to recognition in New York."

And here's the ACLU press release on the topic.  This is fantastic!

Oh, hey, and, lookit this:

A[n Oregon] state law allowing gay couples to register as domestic partners belatedly took effect Friday after a federal judge ruled the state's process of disqualifying petition signatures was consistent enough to be valid.

I love waking up to good news.

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Via a friend:

In Oregon, "[a] federal judge has issued a temporary injunction against HB 2007, the law providing domestic partnership rights and benefits which was to have gone into effect next Wednesday, Jan. 2."


Edited to remove my erroneous dates-knowing.  Serves me right for having a million tabs open.  BRO responds:

"Our attorney believes that the judge demonstrated a fundamental misunderstanding of Oregon's initiative and referendum law. Basic Rights Oregon is appalled by this outrageous ruling, and we will continue to aggressively find opportunities to participate in the case as it moves forward, doing everything in our power to get caring and committed Oregon couples and their families the legal rights and protections they need."

* Michael Mosman.
* House Bill 2007.
* Alliance Defense Fund... I mean, oops, here, rather.
* Basic Rights Oregon.

In other news, the smoking ban goes up 1/1/2009.  If you want a local list of laws that'll take effect, go here.
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Oh god, I needed that.

Oh God I Needed That.

I went to a knitting thing at the Q Center, a place that seeks to "increase the visibility of and foster connection within metropolitan Portland’s Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) community".  We knitted things and nattered about yarn, feminist stuff, racial stuff, kids, and dear god why is there no food nearby.

I am so going back next week.
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- Jennifer (B's new squeeze) (heh) is... *flails*  Really sweet.  I like her a lot.  I approved of her, to B.  And we have social anx in common, amusingly enough.  Him having a girlfriend is a new thing for me, so I'd love to worry more, but eh.  I like her fine, I don't think I push, and yeah.  (They haven't discussed terminology, but it seems to be heading there.)  (Girlfriend != lover.)  I'm v. pleased.

- We had our one-year-in-PDXtown approxiversary yesterday night.  I kept looking around and going, "I know enough people to fill up a table!  Cool."  Also apparently, I'm either going to a roller derby this Saturday, or I'm going roller skating this Saturday, or both.  Ooo.

- I got my ear stretched during lunch today.  I'm now at a 12g earring (here, 1/2" size).  And I, being the wuss that I clearly am, got really faint.  The piercer was entirely cool about it, and the counter person commiserated with me about being a pain-wuss.  *sighs*  This shall now stay in for a few months; we shall see.  For my notes: aftercare.

- I am inches away from burning everything I own.  I am tired of being a magpie, and collecting things because they might ever be useful.  You know what?  They rarely fuckin' will.  B found a place that takes donated stuff, so I'm going to clean the hell out of the upstairs, and get rid of nearly everything.  Damn.

- Speaking of saying fuck it, I've changed my mind - I'm doing convert-knitting-patterns-to-.pdf stuff in Excel, instead.  I don't trust Word even a little bit.  I miss Reveal Codes, dammit.

I'm drop-dead exhausted.

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