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The Itsy Bitsy Bug

The itsy bitsy bug went in production code
Down came the system--server overload
Up went a patch that fixed the server strain
Till another bitsy bug was found in there again

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xtina: Musical notes mashed to look like a heart. (music)
Men At Work - It's A Mistake

At ~2:33 comes this verse:

We'll not fade out too soon
Not in this finest hour
Whistle your favourite tune
We'll send a card and a flower

As far as I can discern, the low part and the high part are the same notes, just an octave apart. But it doesn't sound like that. Also, it doesn't sound like it fits with the song. It sounds discordant. Except it totally works?

Yarr. I should take music lessons just to figure some of this shit out.

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