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Dear Ocho:

So you'll talk to the people who let you flounce about in the thorn patch, but you won't talk to me?  I see how it is.

No hearts for you,

(I think I miss kitties.)
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Well, that would explain why there's occasionally a nugget of poop in odd places.

What are suggestions for helping a short-hair cat not get dingleberries?
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I just got woken up by Ocho.  I decided to sleep downstairs, and I guess the bed is too tall for her, or something stupid like that, so she decided she was lonely.  I had abandoned her!  Omg omg!

O: Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow!
X: *struggles awake; gets weirded out*
O: Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow! Mow!
X: *goes to the living room; sees Ocho*  What the hell, cat?
O: Mrrreow?
X: *cracks up*

That was the most perfect "O hai?" meow I've heard in a while

Unfortunately, now I'm awake again.  Dammit.
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* I disabled Windows Update as much as I possibly could.  Why?  Because (a) it popped up in front of me and I hit reboot by accident because augh I was typing elsewhere.  More (b) - Windows Defender comes with Vista, and updates to it are handled by Windows Update.  Which means nearly every day, I get that damn thing bugging me.  Fuck it, I'll deal with it on my own when I goddamn want to.

* I broke down yesterday.  It turns out that while being responsible for four cats (one of whom is sick) is bothersome, doing so while having bronchitis is incredibly exhausting.  I mean, I'm sick so I couldn't clean at all, and Jake is a fucking douchenozzle who keeps knocking things over and dancing in the wreckage, and Peaches scratched me to get away and then was panting for a half hour, and it was midnight and I'm sick, and I just fucking lost it.

Thankfully, as usual, [livejournal.com profile] rosefox was there and [c|w]ould help.  Also, bronchitis helped me not flip too much; lots of crying and lots of coughing don't really mix, so any time I felt like I couldn't breathe, I'd sure stop crying.  Gah.  On the bright side, this reminded me that it's been ages since I've cried, and it relieved some pressure.  So, good.

* I think that I'm either temporarily or long-termishly giving up coffee, too.  I kind of stopped while sick, so.

* I CAN HEAR.  I popped my jaw just right, and zam!

In conclusion, read this news article.  I... right.
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I dreamt that my therp had been subbed out by a new one for a bit, but I didn't know at first because I was too doped up to look up and focus properly.  My brain likes making dreams that mock me, sometimes.


- We drove Peaches up to Vancouver again for her next check-up, last night.  The gist, because I can't recall the specifics: she has congestive heart disease, the medication for that bumped her BUN levels up to ~400 - I don't know yet what that means, but it's wicked bad.  (You'll want to check with B about specifics; I could be wrong, or drugged.)  So they need to slow down on the heart meds so that the kidneys get better, except that they can't slow down on the heart meds.  Because duh.  So it's a tightrope.  A really sucky, short tightrope.

- Jennifer (B's girlfriend) called while we were en route to Vancouver, and said that her father had had a heart attack.  He's likely going in for surgery on Friday ("likely" modifying "going in"), and she would like B to be with, for moral support.  He told me that "we'll see", and I told him hells yes he's going - if I'm still feeling poorly, he can prop me up on the couch and put something with sound and colours on the TV.  She needs him there, and that's that.

- I've cut out milk entirely, and wow, it feels pretty good.  B wondered how it was that I could go so long without realising that whole milk==suck connection.  Partly I always thought it was coffee, and partly milk is in the category of comfort foods, and I didn't want to give that up.  But, I've rediscovered my love of Silk milk (non-fucking-flavoured, you goddamn sicko freaks), and apple juice is the first liquid I've had in years that doesn't hate me, so bonus.

- Mostly, I'm feeling somewhat sore and very tired, and covered in kitty spit.  Ocho's been digging my being upstairs all day.  Most annoying has been the stitches - you know how if something gets stuck in your mouth, you can feel it, and it bugs you until you can get it out...?
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B: Jacob Aloysius Johnson!
X: "Johnson", eh?  He's in my name, you know.
B: Really?
X: Yeah, it's on the certificate!
B: So's Ocho.
X: If I'm going to be a crazy cat lady, I have to claim them all, you know.  I get credits, and I change them in for more cats.
B: ...
X: *giggling lots*  It's rather self-purrpetuating.
B: *groans*
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Jake is apparently closer to 6 months than 9.  oO  I have no idea how big kittencats are supposed to be, apparently.

He is litterbox trained, which is fantastic.  His diarrhea went away, which is also good.  He's negative for both the effs, he's on deworming stuff (just in case), and he got some flea treatment, with more on the way in a month.  He's due back at the beginning of January for moar fleastuff, and a week after for snippage.

I got the dates wrong, I think, but that's close enough.

Ocho is due back in a week for updates on her shots and things.  I've put up the screen already, so Jake won't go harass Ocho.  Spooky is quite willing to smack him if he gets too close to her or her food, which is excellent.

Jake is fucking nuts, by the by.  I'm researching kitten behaviour training, to see if there's anything I should be watching out for.  In the meantime, apparently boy cats don't come with shame installed.
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Hmm?, by XtinaS.
This here is an Ochocat.  She is marbly and adorable, in her grumbly way.

For moar (5 in all, thus far), click here.
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I came home from a long day of noise noise noise noise, to the cats all being assholes.  Fantastic.

- Spooky is putting on weight, which is fantastic.  She's about 8-9? years old, and apparently, kidney problems start around then, as they have in her.  Luckily, I recommended to B that he take his kitties in when I took Ocho in, so they caught it early.  She's been on a special put-on-weight diet.  Which would be better if she didn't go upstairs to eat Ocho's food all the time, the dumbshit.

- Peaches has lost a bit of weight, which is also fantastic, as she was starting to get a little chubby.  B changed both of them from a grazing diet to a two meals a day diet - so Spooky gets her food, and Peaches gets less food.

- Ocho is a bit of a stresskitty right now, due to the upheaval.  I made sure to put the rocking chair back (the electrician had to move it to get to the light fixture), so she got her safe space back.  We only have two litter boxen, so we appropriated hers to put in the bathroom for the new kitty.  I didn't want her having to go downstairs, though, so I emptied out a plastic drawer and put litter in it.  She'll still hiss at me if I smell like His Nibs, but I make sure to wash my hands before going upstairs, and when I undress, I put my clothes away from the chair and the bed.  She doesn't like too much kitty interaction, and I am 100% okay with minimising that as much as possible.

- The new kitty is a total nutter.  He currently has a touch of diarrhea, which I'm attributing to stress for now.  If it's still present by Monday, then I'll talk to the vet about it.  He's eating Purina Kitten Chow, since R&S estimate his age at about 8-9 months old.  And man.  Male kit-kats are nuts.  He has a little jingle-mousie, and he is tearing up the joint.  We moved him to the dining room...  I'd need to take pictures.  The dining room and living room aren't naturally separated; B has a huge Chinese screen that separates them.  So, since Ocho doesn't need to be separated, we put the screen door up between the wall and the edge of the C. screen.  That way, he can get the dining room to romp around in, Spooky and Peaches get the bathroom back, and Ocho doesn't have to be moved.

Entertainingly, B has come 'round to the idea of keeping him, and now I'm unsure.  Heh.
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Dear self: anxy faux-mania != being awake.  Thud, me.

His Nibs is a kitteh, and is letting me know this by (a) sitting on my lap and (b) stinking up the bathroom, damn.

B is firmly for moving him upstairs, and moving Ocho downstairs.  Which means I sleep on the couch, because I don't want to desert her.  And I should move the rocking chair downstairs, so she has a space that's all hers.

I'm more for keeping it as it is.  Less change, it's only cruel if we never visited him and didn't take the trash out (see also "damn", above), and I don't want to stress Och' out more than is necessary.  Especially as the holidays are coming up, and so she'll be here for a little while longer.  She doesn't care for enforced interaction, and I'm totally with her in this.

I almost want to make the dining room hers-or-his, except there's already pee-evidence there, and just no.

Curse this house's lack of doors!
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Basically, tonight I plan to clean.  Doing all my laundry mysteriously sounds appealing, I promised I'd do the kitchen, and I want to rearrange the upstairs some; it's a little crowded up there.  Realistically, what are the chances that I'll ever actually sell yarn?  I'll probably just send it to yarnly folk I know.  "Merry Xmas, have some yarn!"  Maybe.  That can be part of the rearranging.

I also plan to hang out in the bathroom to pat the kitty and catch up on work.  I can't let him out, because even though he was an indoor kitty, he was outside overnight, and I can't take that chance.  I'm torn between leaving him there until Monday and moving him upstairs and Ocho downstairs.

Benefits of the former:
- Ocho isn't disturbed, moreso than she already has been.
- I don't have to change huge things.

Benefits of the latter:
- More room for the little guy.
- The downstairs bathroom can be put back to normal - good for minimising change for B's kitties.


In other news, there's a new comm, [livejournal.com profile] lj_policy.
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Seriously, Ocho is like the best cat ever, in comparison to my Magic, if one takes away personal bias.  She doesn't scratch things unless she doesn't have an option (which was my bad, and has been rectified), she uses the litter box fine, she's not a scratcher at all so long as you respect her, and she's so incredibly sweet.

(In comparison, my Magic would scratch regardless of having options, and her relationship with the litter box was... problematic.  But, she liked being picked up, whereas Ocho is convinced I'm about to fling her out the window, so.  Plus, my Magic.)

Ocho nibbled on my thumb the other day because I'd been eating turkey earlier and it was so cute, aww.  *lick lick lick... nom nom?... lick lick lick*  Aiee, cute cute cute.

I suppose one could view her as a problem cat if one interacted with cats as though they weren't beings in their own right, but I have no idea how that even goes, so.  I don't roughhouse with her because that's not for her, but damn and damn she loves eating this ribbon to little bitty pieces.  I must have played with her for like an hour or so today.  Downside is it's a black ribbon which looks an awful lot like a power cord, but I've been trying to train her that one is thin and for playing, and one is thick and for no.

I would consider taking her in, were it not for my temporary ban on adopting a pet.  (I worry about rebound things.)
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- She's found out that she can sit half on my lap while I'm on my laptop and lick all the flesh off my right hand.  Was it mentioned that she licks?  Imagine a three-panel comic - Ocho is licking an arm, time passes, Ocho has licked a hole through and is licking bone.  Relatedly, I found out that the palm-side of my hand is ticklish, and the up-side of my hand can't take licking for more than like three or four before it becomes too much.  And my fingertips have no problem - aren't they supposed to be more sensitive?

- She's nervous about being touched, in the sense that she has to know you're coming, and she doesn't care for it much if she's sitting down.  She's mostly a head-/neck-area cat, for pattin's.  Which is dumb, as she likes being patted.  ...  We have things in common!

- Some things I've been calling her: Ochita, Ochenka, Spaghetti Oche, doofus-butt, and Myrtle.  Because she mrrts.  You know.  *cough*

- The mat is gone, and she's been scratching a way whole lot less.  Very good.  She still stretches, but I've been playing with her some, so she can stretch out some more.  I've been making sure not to roughhouse at all, partly because she is not a roughhousing sort of cat, and partly because that's a privilege that comes with owning a cat, and I don't own this cat.  I told B this, too.

- Apparently, a lot of cats huff in irritation.  I still find it adorable as all hell.
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Caffeine is so awesome.

- Ocho is on Advantage, as are Spooky and Peaches.  Nrr.  I just did Spookypeach, so I'm going to wait a bit for Ocho to calm down before I do her.  She's back to being sequestered upstairs until that's done.  I feel really bad about missing that.  In my defence, I haven't had a beflead cat in... I think four or five years?  And then it was easy, we could see the fleas.  (Against black fur, damn.)  Here, the only way we knew was they'd clipped her nails first, which got her to shedding a bit over their white counter, and the vet saw flea remains.  Mmm.

- I emailed [livejournal.com profile] rpeate to warn that Ocho has fleas, and so they should get their other cat checked out.  Thorough cat is thorough, sometimes.

- She weighs 10.1 pounds.  Entertainingly, Spooky is underweight, and Peaches is overweight.  "We have Goldilocks cats!"

- I warned the vetfolk about Ocho being a bit of a slasher, but all she did was growl.  A lot, but still.  So that's good!  Maybe it's that Ocho didn't have a hiding place; more likely, the vetfolk, having way more experience with wicked pissed off kitties than I do, are less trepidatious about the prospects of a slashercat, and so can more easily minimise the chances.

- She's negative for FeLV/FIV, which is fantastic.

- The vetfolk have heard of Cat Adoption Team (that place where I want to help out with fostering), which is a good sign.  I'm still looking into them, but a positive recommendation from the vet is good.  B mentioned that House of Dreams seems to do a similar thing, and one of the vetfolk mentioned that HoD needs volunteers just for cleaning and stuff.  So, hey, I might do that.

- ... In fact, I owe HoD a blanket, since they participate in the Snuggles project.  *entertained*  I knew I recognised their website!  I just emailed them, so.

- I was very smart and brought an extra towel and a plastic bag, since I knew Ocho would pee.  Sure enough!

- I picked up a pamphlet on vet insurance via the ASPCA, for Spooky and Peaches.  Their plan is here (.pdf) - for B's kitties, I'd probably recommend the primary plan, since they are middle-aged cats.

I still owe them banana bread, for my Magic.  I might bake tomorrow, then take the bread by before work on Monday.
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No, Ocho doesn't have weird scabs, Ocho has fleas.
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I am focusing on the positive, dammit.

- Ocho is still hissy beast about the kitties, but she does come downstairs and she explores a bit.  In fact, even when I touch her in a way she doesn't like (I misapprehended her level of comfort), she just gets growly and I stop, and then she's fine.  She apparently is a kitty wanting of respect, which is, to be fair, hard to come by from babies.  And her gravel-mrrts?  Adorable.

Related: You know, I keep expecting Ocho to turn out to be terrible in some unforseen fashion, and so far, she's still less weird than my Magic was.  I mean, Magic would paw paper to wake me up to feed her.  Ocho has currently not done anything to trump that, and she licks repetitiously enough to take skin off.  (Unless I, yknow, move.)

- Ha, okay, so, I was on the bus, and some guy sat next to me and started singing something (under his breath, I mean) about the rain (can't remember the title), then mentioned that he does crochet (since I was knitting a pink-and-purple thing).  We got into a convo wherein which it was revealed that (a) he goes to the same bar B and I go to for karaoke and (b) I'm probably hitting the cue ball too hard, which is more likely why I suck at bank shots.  Huh!

- Sake.  I may be becoming an alcoholic, but at least I'm not drinking PBR.

- Installing Instiki can be complicated, but I'm knowledgeable enough to totally do it.  Now, what I'd use it for at home escapes me at the moment, but at work, it's fantastic for procedure notes, QA process notes, and general KB stuff.

- I may be in on the ground floor of something.  Crypticism abounds.

- I have almost acquired the ability to stop before starting a new project.  Almost.  Mine still sneak in under this weird "absolved" status.  I want to work on that.

- An otherwise quiet house.

- A full version of Duke Nukem 3D.
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- Ocho is a cutiepie.  B let her downstairs yesterday (*vaguely annoyed*), and was mildly hissy at the kitties, but I think it's mostly because downstairs is B's kitties' territory, so.  Ocho wasn't violent, just hissy, so that's okay.  She and Peaches were even, you know, in the same room.  I think once they acclimate, they'd be fine.

- Whee, I just created a service!  Now I can log out of the webserver and still use Instiki.  *pats it*

- Boo, VMWare Player doesn't let me use snapshots!  Boo cat says "boo".  Stupid fucking thing.  This means installing VMWare Server 2.0 Beta for Windows on my Vista box.  That way, I can get my snapshots back, run it on a machine I rarely use, and just remote into the VMs.  Which means I'll have something like A MILLION RDCs in my folder.  Oh well.

- Vista's Automatic Updates dealie still asks you to restart, but now it gives you a length of time to wait until reminding you again, with options of 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 4 hours.  Hm.

- Oh dear god I love BTN.  *pat pat*  I need to go make a default install somewhere with all the original files, so that if something goes awry, I can see how it used to be.

- There's some something going around about voluptuosity == intelligence, in women.  My response for this is summed up nicely by Jill at Feministe.  Goddamn things like this irritate me.

- Mmm, server stuff.  Could have calendarstuff on there, could have lots of files hosted there, could run Instiki on there (and have a million different "web"s (as they call them), each password-protected)...  ...  Bubba?
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If anything, I'd say she was separated from her mother a bit too early.  She's exceedingly affectionate, licky, and kneady.  Hm.  However, I am not well-versed in kitten lore, so I could be wrong there.

She is way more relaxed every day.  Today, it's kneading lotses, flopping against me while I kick the internets to get that shiny new candy bar, and sitting on my lap, aw aw aw.  I slapped my leg whilst she was on my lap (technically I hit a moth), and she just looked around (quickly), but didn't snap, didn't even stop purring.  Cool.

I tried to introduce Spooky and Peaches to her.  Peaches thought I was insane and was having none of it.  Spooky and Ocho stood staaaring at each other for about two minutes, then Ocho started moving forward (tentative, not stalking), and Spooky seemed to realise that hey, she must have left the gas on, and she boogied.  I would tentatively state that she could be tolerant of other kitties, but I'd want to do more research first.

Oh, and I clipped off some of that clump, since it doesn't look like it feels nice to her.  Couldn't get all of it, though, and I didn't want to stab her.  I feel like a particularly inept hairdresser, or something.
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Ocho is really just the sweetest cat today.  I'm guessing previous troubles were due to (a) having another cat in the house (some cats can't deal - mine couldn't*) and (b) baby.  Cats and change don't always mix.  But really, after she got past "Skeerd cat is ninja!", she's been a total doll.  As in, not only are we not skittish around each other, I can pick her up and put her places.  Now, she really dislikes it, but she's not scary any more, which is nice.  And omg torties are gorgeous.

* Actually, the only time my Magic ever "got along" with with B's cats was when she started getting lesions, and I was the one who thought getting along meant huge wrongness.  I am still weirdly smug about knowing her that well.

Currently, she has taken over the upstairs bed.  This is where not making the bed totally works - I lumped the blankets together to make an impromptu bed for her, and she's been camped out there all day.  At night, she either sleeps with me or she sleeps in the stairwell.  I left my sweater there, so she can sleep on it.  Her cleanings have gotten rid of the extraneous teensy-mats, and so now what's left is waiting until she's really otherwise complacent, then attacking her back with the nail scissors.  It's either that or wait until Saturday... eh.  We'll see.

I took off the screen door from the back, and B kind of propped it up in the stairwell.  Uhm... well, later, I'll get a picture.  Just know that the screen door is too wide for the stairwell, so we propped it up in between, and put a box under where the wedge overlaps with a stair going down.  I'm currently sussing out plans to build a medium-height screen door, to attach to the entryway.  (Only sussing out because I know I'm obsessive-cat about this, so might as well get the measurements, and I'll obsess over the building later.)  Our landlady is slow with getting things done, and so getting the door from her would be more hassle and less fun than just making my own.  I'm thinking leave a 1" gap so that we can hook it from either side, 2" at the bottom to allow for the carpet, and about 60" tall total, just cuz.  With maybe an option to put a smallish curtain on the bottom half, in case the kitties want to staaare at each other and that's not a good idea.

Tired cat is tired, and so that may only partially make sense.

Anyways.  She is a doll.  She's a lovebug, but she settles down after about 5-10 minutes.  (Lovebuggishness is good when I'm doing naught else, bad when I'm killing demons in Doom.  Knowing that there's an end time is awesome.)  She also apparently broke her tail like ages and ages ago - the very tippy-tip of her tail is crooked.  It's not noticeable until you go to pat her tail to the end - no more than an inch, if that, is bent.

I'm still wondering at these personality issues I've heard about.  So far as I can tell, mostly she just really dislikes being startled.  I make up for this by being obvious when approaching her.

And awwwwwwww, she was kneading today, I die.
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I've a question.  Given that I am fostering Ocho and not keeping her, and given that she will have a home if one nearer by isn't found... should I post a searching-for-kitty-home post to [livejournal.com profile] damnportlanders?

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