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xtina: (blue)

I made you an entry!

But I edited it.

This journal should be viewed with discretion.

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Created on 2009-04-15 05:48:54 (#64751), last updated 2014-09-23 (1 hour ago)

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My name's Xtina. To contact me, email my username @

About Me

I live in Brooklyn, NY, USA with my partner [personal profile] rosefox and their partner [personal profile] sinboy. I'm mostly introverted. I go through project phases: knitting, socialising, documenting, learning how to cook, that sort of thing. I love rock music and, to a lesser extent, all music. (Including bagpipes. If you think the funeral music from the end of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan was better as an orchestra than as bagpipes... well.)

Recent interests: automation, having a child, automation, moving, cats, automation.


I'm poly, gender-useless (agender), not at all into cis-dudes, an atheist, a feminist, anxious as fuck but getting better, white, able-bodied, not able-minded, and near-sighted. I'm 5'10" or thereabouts. I have blue eyes and short dark hair with a splash of white on top because Genetics™. I get opinionated when I'm awake. I have ADHD. Pursuant to that last, I may have forgotten something.

Oh, I'm a cat person. And I pun a lot? Idk, get back to me later.

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