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I'm playing an idle game. One thing it does is it auto-regenerates mana over time. I have a booster that increases the mana regen rate over time, determined by how many seconds I've been playing the game.

The rate is: floor(2.5 * x0.5) / 10

Where x is the number of seconds I've been playing this game.

The base mana regen rate I have is 180 mana per second.

How much time would it take to reach 300 mana per second?


2016-03-19 21:54
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Letter meme. I got the letter D.

Something I hate strongly dislike: Dawkins (comma Richard), douchecanoes, disorder, devil's advocacy.

Something I love: Dark chocolate, Dunkin Donuts, double-sided knitting.

Somewhere I've been: Dale City (VA).

Somewhere I'd like to go: I barely even know any of these, though I am pleased a list exists of cities that start with D. I suppose I wouldn't mind going to Germany some day, just to look around.

Someone I know: [livejournal.com profile] regyt, [twitter.com profile] mrbelm

A film I like: Dark City, Donnie Brasco
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This here is a page of recommendations for various professional services. All recommendations are made by me, [personal profile] rosefox, and [personal profile] sinboy.

"In our experience, all these providers are generally awesome with queer, trans, and polyamorous people and families. Providers who explicitly specialize in those areas are noted. Disclaimer about how we don't receive kickbacks and yall's experiences may vary goes here."

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I realise already that this question sounds absurd, given the fact that we're new parents.

When do I get to sleep through the night again?

Context that makes this not absurd: I don't have to wake up for Kit-needs. Rose covers the overnight shift. Josh covers the time between R going to bed and me waking up (~2-3 hours). I sleep with my fan on; I can't hear screaming baby. (R tells me that there was an instance of colic-baby the other night. I heard nothing. Kit's room shares a wall with mine.) I can use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but more space in my abdomen means I don't have to.

I still wake up every 2 to 3 hours.

When do I get to sleep through the night again?
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The Itsy Bitsy Bug

The itsy bitsy bug went in production code
Down came the system--server overload
Up went a patch that fixed the server strain
Till another bitsy bug was found in there again

More modern lullabies. )
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Today's plan, at some point: rewatch Quigley Down Under.
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One worry I had about having a baby: I worried that I wouldn't love my Sophie (userpic) as much. Turns out:

a: I was wrong. I have a great capacity for love, I just use it sparingly, and I confused that with scarcity.

b: Good lord I'm a dork.
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Just had a great call with a vendor--specifically, a coordinator and a tech sales person. I asked a bunch of questions, the TS person clarified most and filed the rest as tickets, all went well. I got to be myself, and only slipped and swore once. "My dad was a systems engineer. I learned how to swear at the knee!"

At the end of the call:

Coordinator: Thank you so much, and feel free to drop us a line any time something crosses your mind...
TS Person: *sees where this is going; starts cracking up*
Me: Yall done opened the door to the vampire!
All: *crack up*
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I've always had floaters in my eyes. They're slightly more populous now, but I don't really care. The occasional flash, however, I could do without. My OB suggested I should go to the eye doctor.

Results: Nothing neurologically wrong with me. Apart from, yknow, myopia and a mild touch of astigmatism, my eyes are entirely healthy.

Prognosis: Flashers are almost certainly indicators of a migraine, especially if it's happening in both eyes rather than just one.

Treatment: Hope that migraine doesn't have to mean headache. Suffer otherwise.
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I abuse parentheses in this post.


I've been coughing a lot and producing quite a bit of phlegm. This is just one of the many fancy side-effects of pregomancy! (Another one: ribs expanding. Now combine sore ribs with coughing...) I'm looking into possible remedies for breaking this up without needing to go the drugs route. I am not inherently anti-drugs, I'd just like to minimise exposure whilst pregnant.

A list of what's acceptable to me. )

I am open to suggestions.


"If someone has a suggestion for an actual buyable container of PASTEURISED honey, I would be eternally grateful."
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Men At Work - It's A Mistake

At ~2:33 comes this verse:

We'll not fade out too soon
Not in this finest hour
Whistle your favourite tune
We'll send a card and a flower

As far as I can discern, the low part and the high part are the same notes, just an octave apart. But it doesn't sound like that. Also, it doesn't sound like it fits with the song. It sounds discordant. Except it totally works?

Yarr. I should take music lessons just to figure some of this shit out.
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I think I felt the baby move!

I had a brief moment of "what if it's just some GI trickery and then" and who the hell cares? Still a baby in there, and first-time gestators apparently have this "but what if" experience fairly frequently, and WHATEVER I MAY HAVE FELT MY BABY KICK.

[eta] Also, since I remain myself:
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I have an ongoing list of things I like to clean up, computer-wise, about once a week. I don't by any means go through all of the list; I pick whatever's interesting for me that week. But I do have a calendared reminder each week to clean my shit up.

List. )

Living doc for yours truly.
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We have ~5k physical books and ~1k electronic books. We want basically what the NYPL has: the ability to catalog all of these books, and also the ability to download the electronic books.

Noodling. )

This is sort of the master noodling post on library-management needs. Please feel free to suggest software or ask questions or whatever.
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I have such massive amounts of anxiety around individual people. I can tweet to folk, and I can comment with folk on other blogs, but responding to comments? Replying to email? Being on chat? Fuck, may as well get me to do public speaking.

This makes it so I don't really interact with people much outside of work. (And the cyborg collective at home, of course.) I possibly could be closer with people at work, except anxiety. I possibly could reconnect with folk in Boston, in Portland, in wherever the hell I've lived, except anxiety. What if I'm too intense? Or too standoffish? Or I'm boring and no one will tell me? Or I miss social cues and then I'm weird in that avoiding kind of way? Or I am actively on fire and setting fire to their furniture and they're too polite to tell me? Or I can't escape?

I had two friends reach out to me at the beginning of this year, and it was lovely chatting with them, and now it's my turn to initiate contact with them to show that I care, and... I do, I really do, I just don't know what the hell I'm doing. And what if my clumsiness ruins everything. I would apparently rather hide in a hole than keep up with people I care about because what if I hurt them by me being me?

(Shit, I can't even respond to direct requests for information from random people on Wikia. I do not exaggerate.)

So instead, I sit at home with a full inbox and not-replied-to comments, and I work, and I plan for future!Kid, and I do what I do. Maybe later I'll try that whole Being Brave thing and try reaching out.

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