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I wonder if there's some sort of thing where you plug in your DW name, it goes through your list of mutuals, and it suggests users based on overlapping similarities.

Like, I'm a mutual with dw_sample_bot and dw_bot_sample. I'm not connected to dw_butts_lol, but both dw_sample_bot and dw_bot_sample are, so the service says "two of your mutuals follow dw_butts_lol... maybe check them out?". Where "mutuals" I mean "access", though there could be a separate column for reading-mutuals as well.

It's a thought.

[eta] It wouldn't be too hard. The outline for it:

set the username and password
get a list of mutual trusted-by users
start up a dict
for each user:
	get the user's list of mutual trusted-by users, if possible
	for each user in that list:
		if they're already in the originator's list, skip
		elif they don't exist in the dict, add them, starting with number 1
		else, increment the count for that username in the dict

print out the dict, sorted by count, descending

Problem is, I don't know that DW has an API I can work with. It's all XMLRPC, and eurgh, not my kink.

Date: 2017-04-20 19:36 (UTC)From: [personal profile] jbsegal
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I could swear something like this used to exist for LJ, in which case it could be revived/translated to DW pretty easily, I'd expect.

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