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There's a new user agreement in place on LJ. You can read the original binding agreement here, or the English translation here. Time to skip town, those of you who haven't already!

Unfortunately, the LJ API now requires that you agree to their TOS before you can continue, making most LJ-export scripts unworkable. You could modify the scripts to accept the new API restriction... but odds are, if you are leaving because the new TOS sucks, you're not gonna want to accept it via scripting.

[personal profile] rosefox has a guide here for ad-blocking the TOS overlay. The instructions are almost certainly the same for Adblock/Plus. The two items to block:


Next stop, you can export your entries here. (HTTPS? What's that?) Downsides:

* You can only do journal entries, then comments.
* You can only do a month at a time.

I'm writing myself a quick-and-dirty Selenium script so that I do not have to do only one item at a time. I'll post it once I'm done, in case other people are similarly inclined.
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