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Please don't crosspost comments on posts of mine to your Intertwitterfaceblags, pls.

You might see me have a FB thingamadoodle on my profile for a bit, but that's temporary whilst I tweak my Profile Reset GM script.  (I hadn't taken all external-services options into account, apparently.)  I not only have no intention of crossposting a damn thing, I wrote a script to remove even accidental clickage.  So no worries.


Here's what you can do to hide the options for yourself:

* Go here.  (Journal > Journal Style > Customize > CSS.)

* Add this line: .b-repost-item { display: none; }

* Click Save Changes.

That, at least, will prevent you from accidentally selecting one of the options when you make a comment.  Also, it sets commenting back to "[type] [tab] [enter]" to post the comment, which is pleasant.

Alas, this only works for certain journal styles, and not for format=light so much.  To get it for all styles, including format=light, you'd probably want to put this into Stylish, instead.  Naturally, I'll be doing this in GM, because I also want to remove that whole row, because I don't care about the settings and I like cleanliness in my comment forms.

Of course, I have approx. a million gazillion GM scripts, so this is hardly shocking.


@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);

@-moz-document domain("livejournal.com") {

.b-repost-item {
  display: none !important;



// ==UserScript==
// @name           LJ: No Reposties Pls
// @namespace      http://axisofevil.net/~xtina
// @description    Remove the FB/Twitter crosspost options from comments.
// @include        http://*.livejournal.com/*
// ==/UserScript==

// Stand-alone comments are "postform"; in-post comments are "qrform".
var cmtAlone = document.evaluate(
    '//form[(@id="postform") or (@id="qrform")]/table/tbody/tr[4]',
if (cmtAlone.singleNodeValue) {

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