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At work, we’re setting up dashboards for vulnerability metrics across a couple different kinds of areas. For servers, one dashboard each; for office workstations, one roll-up dashboard for all of them.

Every time I woke up last night, I felt like I’d made a single office dashboard, and I had to go back to sleep to incorporate it into the roll-up dashboard.

My brain on being sick, i suppose?
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Yesterday was Perfect Little Person day for me.

* It was morning, and I was carrying Kit down the stairs for daycare.

X: "Kit, do you want to use the stroller?"
K: "no."
X: "Do you want to walk?"
K: "wal'!"
X: "All right!"
K: "aw-aii!"


* I got home after Kit had been picked up. Kit wandered around the apartment for a bit, then tugged my hand to the bathroom while saying "ba'!". (Kit requesting a bath outright is not exactly common, though they're not usually angry about it or anything.)

* One of us usually gets in the tub with them for the bathing part, but Kit's been getting into standing in the tub (while we keep a hawk eye on them, obviously). So this time, I figured I'd try not getting in with. I did some washing, mostly of hair and of areas they can't reach or that need focus, and they washed the rest of themself.

* A preface for the next bit: we try to stay with "questions means you can say no, statements means you can't". So if I ask "Kit, do you have to go potty?", and they say "no", that's it. If I say "Kit, it's time for a diaper change," and they say "no"... welp, alas.

So: It was early in the evening yet, so I checked in with Kit about getting out of the tub.

X: "Hey Kit, do you want to get out of the bath?"
K: 😐 "no."
X: "Okay!" [and I went back to doing whatever]
K: 😮😛🤩

They were so happy to be able to stay in the tub! They stayed in for half an hour, splashing up the joint.

* When they finally got out of the tub, I wrapped them in a towel and held them on my lap. They were SUPER CUDDLESOME, resting their head on my chest and all.

* Kit sat up to look at Sophie. I told Kit it was time to brush their teeth. Kit paused, then put their head back on my chest, in a clear attempt to avoid brushing their teeth. :D

* A diaper interaction after the bath!

X: "Kit, come here, please, it's diaper time."
K: [ignores me entirely]
X: "Kit, can you come here, please?" [signing "please"]
K: [walks right over to the changing pad and sits down]
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(Context: I go by "Ina" and Rose goes by "Zo" for parent-names for Kit. Josh remains "Daddy".)

I've been trying to teach Kit about the link between "I want a thing" and saying “please”. I'm currently eating potato chips, and Kit reached out for one in that I-want way.

Me: "What do you say when you want something?"
Kit, after a pause: "i-a" ("Ina")

Back woes.

Apr. 9th, 2018 10:49 am
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I managed to pull The Fuck outta my lower back the other quarter. I've been seeing a physical therapist 3x/week for the past couple of weeks. Things I've learned:

* I've learned how to lift Kit without destructoring my back. It's "obvious" that lifting with my knees and not my back is the way to go, and yet it's still good to have reinforcement.
* I have a new appreciation for just how much having a hurt back sucks.
* Motor scooters are pretty great, and I wish cars could turn that easily. (We went to Home Depot for some plant gear.) That was the first time I'd used one, because walking for more than a few minutes at a time increased my back pain.

Friday I had my most recent bout of PT. Saturday, I was suffering. Sunday I could, with a shower and ibuprofen, move around without much difficulty. Today, my right side is a bit sore, but I can move without having to think about it.

I still want a cyborg body, dammit.
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I'm watching DS9 S7E23, "Extreme Measures".

Spoilers, probably. )
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The smoke detector "oh noes the battery is perishing!!1" beep went off in my room at two thirty o'fuck in the AM. Who came up with this shit?

Some ideas about improved smoke detection, compiled by me, an underslept headachey grump:

* Wire it into the house and have a battery backup.

* Since it would be wired into the wall with a battery backup, if the battery starts to run out, a quiet chirp for "oh noes battery" would be sufficient.

* Possible: Also have it chirp if there is no battery in there at all. One should not trust that electricity will be available in case of a fire.

* Have the alarm start low in sound and increase rapidly, so that cooking smoke doesn't completely freak out the cats. (This idea came from the internet somewhere. All glory to that anonymous person.)

* Big Damn Buttons that very obviously state what they're for. No more "press down for 3.2 seconds or until it pulses twice in octarine", just a button that says "TEST ME" and another button that says "CLARM DOWN, JEEZ".

** Because fuck, who knows how long to press down a fucking button while it is SHRIEKING IN YOUR EAR? Answer: aliens.

* No "smart" shit. I can't stand most IoT stuff, and the idea of having a networked smoke detector fills me with dread.

Poking holes in my proposal: totally welcome. I'll put your names on the patent.
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nano doesn't come with highlighting on macOS, unless I'm dramatically missing something. So, notes for myself for later:

Source links:

* https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9642617/nano-syntax-highlighting-in-mac-os-x-10-7-lion
* https://github.com/scopatz/nanorc

  1. Download a .zip file of the repo here.

  2. Extract all files from the .zip file.

  3. In Terminal, run: mkdir /usr/local/share/nano

  4. In Terminal, run: mv ~/Downloads/nanorc-master/*.nanorc /usr/local/share/nano/

  5. In Terminal, run: nano ~/.nanorc

  6. Add a line like this, for whichever language you want:
    include "/usr/local/share/nano/python.nanorc"

  7. Save your file.

  8. Quit out of Terminal and reopen to use the shininess.

Note: Apparently nano for the Mac doesn't recognize the header keyword on line 4 of the .nanorc files. You'll have to comment that out with a #. (For more nerdy shit on that, go here.)
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  • The primary font for the contents of "Noodle Loves the Park" is Gararond (sic), which is not publicly available, somehow.

  • The font for "Dinosaur Kisses is Stone Hinge.

  • Entertainingly, the font for the Leslie Patricelli board books is, in fact, "Leslie Patricelli". It's proprietary; I found it when I purchased one of her board books as an ebook.

  • The font used on the text on the back of Chex boxes is ITC Chino Pro Display Thin.
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    I'm ISO tech-themed books for toddlers to start Kit off on the right foot re... I guess "digital citizenship" is one phrase that works.

    There are a million things about online safety and security, and those are good too. I mean more like... we're teaching Kit etiquette and social interaction rules and things, and I'd like some board books that normalize online interactions as well. We have board books about going to sleep, using the potty, body parts, gross things... Surely somewhere there's one about "my friend who lives far away" or "video chatting with gramma!" or "your feelings and being online".

    Being online can be fun,
    But don't forget to get some sun!
    Go outside and move around
    And make a bunch of silly sounds!


    This is my Gramma!
    She lives far, far away.
    We see each other a lot, though.
    That's because we use video chat!
    I can show her my artwork,
    and she can show me her doggies!
    I love my Gramma.
    I'm glad I get to see her a lot,
    even though she lives far, far away.


    My teacher wants to put up a paper sheet of where we all live.
    Ha ha ha!
    Displaying personally identifiable information insecurely is not okay!

    (Maybe not that last one. (Maybe.))
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    A poem. TW: description of child abuse in the middle of it.

    'Good Bones' by Maggie Smith )
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    "Why the fuck is there an entry in Activity Monitor for "Google Chrome Helper" that's taking up ~98% CPU?!?"

    Steps to resolve:

    * In Chrome, go to Window > Task Manager, or to [menu dots thing] > More Tools > Task Manager.
    * Sort the list by CPU descending.
    * Find whatever is making that top entry so horrible and kill it.

    In my specific case, it's this entry:

    Subframe: http:__hanstrackr[dot]com

    It's correct in the CTM. I just don't want folk accidentally clicking it.

    I googled on "hanstracker" and got a thread that suggested disabling a couple of specific extensions. The one I disabled that entirely removed this entry was Flatbook. It might be because the hanstracker[dot]com site appears to be down. Regardless, I uninstalled the extension and left annoyed noises on the extension in the Chrome store, because don't do that.
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    Boss: Good morning.
    Me: ಠ_ಠ
    Boss: Morning.
    Me: One day I will cure you of that bad habit. I have a crowbar at home, so that should help.
    Boss: Ah, but you'd have to go through the effort of bringing it into the office.
    Me: *laughing* I hate that you know me so well.
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    I woke up at 3:30 AM because Kit woke up. They babbled on their own for like 10 minutes, then went back to sleep. So I went back to sleep. As happens, I dreamt very vividly about whatever. What I remember of it was hearing Kit sleep-fuss and seeing the time was past when I should've been up.

    I snapped awake. You know that feeling you get when you know you've slept through your alarm, and you're just enjoying a moment of peace before you have to bolt up and make up for that lost time? That was me.

    Except I woke up at 6 AM, a half hour before my first alarm, and Kit was solidly asleep.

    My brain: a total fuckin' troll.


    May. 27th, 2017 07:46 pm
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    I run into wacky math things while I play my pointless games.

    Have some MATH. )

    Tech tips

    May. 27th, 2017 01:47 pm
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    Two tech tips today (ta-dah!).

    1) In Google Drive, you can show files sorted by file size across all folders by opening the quota page. To get there, either click on that link, or:

    * Hover over the sidebar item showing how much space you've used.
    * In the bubble pop-up, you'll see a little teeny tiny "i" next to the Drive line. Click that.

    2) The text to search for to block that "Read More" horseshit is "javascript add link to copied text". The first thing to do for this is entirely block Tynt, either through your hosts file or through your ad-blocking plugin. Doing that covers it so well that I often forget that I even have that set.
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    A list of sites to remove your info from.

    Intelius -- requires an ID or similar ID verification
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    If you are An Paranoid like myself, you may be interested to know that FamilyTreeSearch.com collates your information into one convenient page. To remove your records from there and from their associated site TruePeopleSearch.com:

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    • The font used in Everywhere Babies is a combination of Bernhard Modern and Cochin.

    • The font used in No Matter What is also Bernhard Modern, neat. The cover title is done in Artcraft.

    • All of the That's Not My... books use Tempus Sans.
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    Note to self: Have you done a backup today? Of anything at all? To anywhere at all?
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