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A list of sites to remove your info from.

Intelius -- requires an ID or similar ID verification
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If you are An Paranoid like myself, you may be interested to know that FamilyTreeSearch.com collates your information into one convenient page. To remove your records from there and from their associated site TruePeopleSearch.com:

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  • The font used in Everywhere Babies is a combination of Bernhard Modern and Cochin.

  • The font used in No Matter What is also Bernhard Modern, neat. The cover title is done in Artcraft.

  • All of the That's Not My... books use Tempus Sans.
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Note to self: Have you done a backup today? Of anything at all? To anywhere at all?


2017-04-20 13:34
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I wonder if there's some sort of thing where you plug in your DW name, it goes through your list of mutuals, and it suggests users based on overlapping similarities.

Like, I'm a mutual with dw_sample_bot and dw_bot_sample. I'm not connected to dw_butts_lol, but both dw_sample_bot and dw_bot_sample are, so the service says "two of your mutuals follow dw_butts_lol... maybe check them out?". Where "mutuals" I mean "access", though there could be a separate column for reading-mutuals as well.

It's a thought.

[eta] Noodling. )
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For my reference later.

* Start Automator.
* Choose "Application".
* For the action, use Run Shell Script.
* Enter the command as you would run it in Terminal.
* Save as [Whatever].app, usually in the Applications folder.

Note: Apps that are run like this don't pick up changes in your .bash_profile. What I did for my Java program was copy out the export line from my .bash_profile and paste it as the first line in the Automator thing.


2017-04-13 22:02
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I overwrote and deleted my LJ. End of a thing, I suppose?
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For the record, you can back up your Dreamwidth account using ljdump. The first run takes foreeever. Subsequent runs are quick, as they just synchronize new/updated/deleted items.

This does use Python. I wish there were an easier way to do everything.
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I have put together a Selenium IDE script to overwrite previous entries, then delete them, individually. It takes a long while, but if you're looking with interest at this script, you probably already knew it wasn't gonna be swift.

You will need to agree to the TOS for this to work. There is no getting around that that I'm aware of. Sorry about that.

Details below the cut.

Technical, take two. )

I also have a total hax for the Python package "lj"... I'll put that up later.

Sharing is fine.
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You can use this GM script to block the TOS nag message. Alternatively, you can just disable JS for LJ.

I have put together a Selenium IDE script to export blog posts from LJ. Details below the cut.

Yay technical! )

I couldn't get it to do anything with comments, more's the pity.
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If the only difference between a hub and a repeater is that the former has multiple ports and the latter just has one set, then why are they two different things?

From Wikipedia:

An Ethernet hub, active hub, network hub, repeater hub, multiport repeater, or simply hub is a network hardware device for connecting multiple Ethernet devices together and making them act as a single network segment.

Was someone drunk or high the day they came up with this terminology? Am I being fucked with?
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  • The font used for the idle game AdVenture Capitalists is Hudson.

  • The font used in the Pool of Radiance (1988) manual is ITC Zapf Chancery.

  • The font used in the body text of most (all?) Choose Your Own Adventure books is ITC Souvenir Light.
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There's a new user agreement in place on LJ. You can read the original binding agreement here, or the English translation here. Time to skip town, those of you who haven't already!

Unfortunately, the LJ API now requires that you agree to their TOS before you can continue, making most LJ-export scripts unworkable. You could modify the scripts to accept the new API restriction... but odds are, if you are leaving because the new TOS sucks, you're not gonna want to accept it via scripting.

[personal profile] rosefox has a guide here for ad-blocking the TOS overlay. The instructions are almost certainly the same for Adblock/Plus. The two items to block:


Next stop, you can export your entries here. (HTTPS? What's that?) Downsides:

* You can only do journal entries, then comments.
* You can only do a month at a time.

I'm writing myself a quick-and-dirty Selenium script so that I do not have to do only one item at a time. I'll post it once I'm done, in case other people are similarly inclined.
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I'm playing an idle game. One thing it does is it auto-regenerates mana over time. I have a booster that increases the mana regen rate over time, determined by how many seconds I've been playing the game.

The rate is: floor(2.5 * x0.5) / 10

Where x is the number of seconds I've been playing this game.

The base mana regen rate I have is 180 mana per second.

How much time would it take to reach 300 mana per second?


2016-03-19 21:54
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Letter meme. I got the letter D.

Something I hate strongly dislike: Dawkins (comma Richard), douchecanoes, disorder, devil's advocacy.

Something I love: Dark chocolate, Dunkin Donuts, double-sided knitting.

Somewhere I've been: Dale City (VA).

Somewhere I'd like to go: I barely even know any of these, though I am pleased a list exists of cities that start with D. I suppose I wouldn't mind going to Germany some day, just to look around.

Someone I know: [livejournal.com profile] regyt, [twitter.com profile] mrbelm

A film I like: Dark City, Donnie Brasco
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This here is a page of recommendations for various professional services. All recommendations are made by me, [personal profile] rosefox, and [personal profile] sinboy.

"In our experience, all these providers are generally awesome with queer, trans, and polyamorous people and families. Providers who explicitly specialize in those areas are noted. Disclaimer about how we don't receive kickbacks and yall's experiences may vary goes here."

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I realise already that this question sounds absurd, given the fact that we're new parents.

When do I get to sleep through the night again?

Context that makes this not absurd: I don't have to wake up for Kit-needs. Rose covers the overnight shift. Josh covers the time between R going to bed and me waking up (~2-3 hours). I sleep with my fan on; I can't hear screaming baby. (R tells me that there was an instance of colic-baby the other night. I heard nothing. Kit's room shares a wall with mine.) I can use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but more space in my abdomen means I don't have to.

I still wake up every 2 to 3 hours.

When do I get to sleep through the night again?

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